About Us…Staff

Jon Pampush

Executive Director; Program Coordinator

Jon was hired as WIPA’s first executive director in 2009 and has been tasked with growing an organization that has real impact on the war-on-weeds. Prior to joining WIPA, Jon worked for Metafore (now GreenBlue), a non-profit organization that promotes markets for wood and paper products that originate from certified well-managed forests. Jon has a B.S. in Fisheries Science from Oregon State University and worked as a fish biologist in Oregon and New York, and in Prince William Sound, Alaska he worked for a fisherman-owned salmon aquaculture cooperative. Jon’s life-long interest in biology and natural history began with his fascination with the diversity of birds he identified in the woods near his boyhood home in northeastern Ohio. His introduction to weed control and habitat restoration began over a decade ago when he purchased an undeveloped, weed infested property behind his home in Hillsboro, Oregon and painstakingly restored it to native condition.  Jon is currently managing several weed control and habitat restoration projects in the Columbia River Gorge and is active in the Tualatin Valley chapter of Trout Unlimited.