What We Do…On The Ground


WIPA Weed Control and Restoration Projects

WIPA conducts weed control and habitat restoration projects that enhance ecosystem values and help protect public and private lands from the spread of invasive weeds. These projects are made possible by grant funds and cooperation with other partners dedicated to controlling invasive plants.

Wahclella and Latourell Falls Noxious Weed Control Project 2008

This project in the Columbia River Gorge, funded by the East Multnomah County Soil and Water Conservation District (EMSWCD) and Oregon State Weed Board, targeted shade-tolerant false brome, garlic mustard, herb Robert, Japanese knotweed, Himalayan blackberry and English ivy; all species known to out-compete native plant populations, threaten rare and endemic plants, and degrade watershed health. Wahclella, located along lower Tanner Creek, and Latourell Falls are very popular tourist and hiker destinations in the Columbia River Gorge so many visitors had an opportunity to learn about the impacts of invasive weeds on natural areas.


Columbia Gorge Weed Control Initiative 2009

This U.S. Forest Service funded project controlled invasive weeds at ten sites totaling 127 acres in the Columbia River Gorge on Oregon State Parks and Mt. Hood National Forest lands. The ambitious project was made possible with cooperation from East Multnomah SWCD, Oregon State Parks, Mt. Hood National Forest, Ash Creek Forest Management, and Menucha Retreat and Conference Center.


Latourell Basin English Ivy Control 2010

Funded by East Multnomah SWCD, thirty five acres heavily infested by English ivy and other  weeds were controlled on a mix of public and private lands surrounding the Columbia Gorge hamlet of Latourell, Oregon. This project was heartily embraced by the citizens of Latourell who have for years observed ivy and other weeds slowly overtaking native vegetation surrounding the community.


Lower Latourell Creek Restoration 2011

Funded by East Multnomah SWCD and Oregon State Parks, this project follows on previous weed control efforts in the Latourell basin and also includes native plant restoration along Latourell Creek, a coho salmon spawning stream. Reestablishing native plants along this project area represents the final phase of full restoration of lower Latourell Creek.


John Yeon State Park Herb Robert Control Project 2013

In partnership with Oregon State Parks and East Multnomah SWCD, this ongoing project utilizes a combination of hand-picking and herbicide application to control an herb Robert geranium infestation that is threatening rare and endemic wildflowers in John Yeon State Park near Bonneville Dam.  The goal of this project is to reduce the abundance of this difficult weed to the point where yearly hand picking and spot spraying is adequate to protect the area’s native wildflowers.