What We Do… Advocacy


WIPA Advocates for Raising the Profile of Weed Control and Prevention

Numerous non-profit organizations, government agencies, and private-sector businesses exist in the Western U.S. that address various aspects of invasive plant control and prevention.  Larger organizations effectively implement a multi-pronged approach to their mission, combining science, outreach and legislation and/or litigation to achieve goals.  Smaller entities, such as Cooperative Weed Management Areas, focus their efforts primarily on control of existing invasive plants, while other organizations target all taxa. WIPA is focused specifically  on policies intended to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive plants by playing a role in ensuring:


Public policy recognizes the economic and ecological threats posed by invasive plants and prioritizes prevention and control;

Adequate regulatory mechanisms are in place to prevent the introduction of invasive plants and the spread of invasive plants already established;

Adequate funding is available to support regulation, enforcement, and on-the-ground control;

Voluntary codes of conduct are encouraged and followed; and

Best management practices are implemented to both prevent introductions and control existing infestations